Presented: the Mathis Montabon´s Super Atlantique silver


Today in the test we observe a very particular sample, that was not easy to find. We’re talking about the Mathis Montabon´s Super Atlantique silver – an elegant and very expensive watch, for men who require more quality and prestige. If the super-Atlantique silver is able to satisfy these demands, we will reveal it now!

Package and first impression

The Mathis Montabon´s Super Atlantique silver reached our office wrapped in two thick cartons. In this we finally found the black watch box. The brand “Mathis Montabon” adorns the noble box with silver letters. After the opening of this large box we finally saw the Super Atlantique silver, wrapped in sheets against scratches. In the box near the watch there were the manual and the guarantee. The packaging and the first impression have convinced us 100%.

Quality and processing

Also here we found no reason to complain. Both the nickel free and really confortable bracelet and – even without nickel – box are perfectly finished and carry their activities out as they should. The watch band is comfortable and secure on the wrist, while the sapphire glass box is scratch-resistant, so that the work and the dial are well protected and are also easy to read! Also the automatic caliber M – 1000 carries its functions out, without leaving any doubt of his noble lineage. It runs and runs and runs. Without interruptions, with a very low latency and strongly reliable. The collectors expect this from their watch and the Super Atlantique silver produces this! In summary, the quality and the elaboration are excellent!

General impression

Our general impression about the Super Atlantique silver is very positive. Although the high expectations we were able to discover the defects. On the contrary! Many things have impressed us, for example, the true without exception brilliant elaboration and the super comfortable seat on the wrist! Only the price is a small thorn in the side. However, this is perfectly normal for a watch of this caliber and therefore it is acceptable.


One Response to “Presented: the Mathis Montabon´s Super Atlantique silver”

  1. 1 Frank

    Mathis Montabon Super Atlantique silver
    I will not live without my Mathis Montabon Super Atlantique! Even if I am a watches collector and I have a certain variety of watches, my favourite watch is
    The classic maritime design combined with the extraordinary band convinced me at first view. Shortly and painless: the Mathis Montabon´s Super Atlantique is a super robust beautiful watch, which I can heartily recommend to anyone (whether they are collectors or “normal” people).

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